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VCHRP-TM an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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The quality management system

Experience in solving prob- lems of automation and design of control systems of different technological pro- cesses, qualified specialists.

Innovation technologies

In basis of the quality of our products is the experience and the high scientific and technical potential, the use of the most modern com- ponents and technologies, innovative design solutions, taking into account the operating conditions and the specific requirements of the customer.
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Production and processing base of the ChEAZ-ELPRY Ltd is oriented to the output of the enterprises main products: complete electric drives, low- and high-voltage complete devices, energy-saving equipment and energy accounting devices.


Domestic manufacture of the ChEAZ-ELPRY Ltd includes:

  • preparation and assembly
  • mechanical centre
  • circuit plate assembly centre
  • silk-screening centre
  • reactor centre
  • electric drives assembly centre
  • low-voltage package unit () adjustment centre


Plastic treatment

  • line cutting of glass fiber, laminated and polymeric plastic for semimanufactured articles of any size within the framework of a standard sheet with thickness from 0,5 mm to 45 mm;

  • plastic plate edging;

  • internal drilling or milling plastic by a template or free marking (maximum aperture diameter 150 mm, thickness any);

  • plastics surface engraving, including foil-coated surface engraving (inscriptions, mnemocodes, test coupons of circuit plates);

  • die forming parts of glass fiber plastic and laminated plastic;

  • manufacturing and finishing plastic structural parts by milling on multiwork machines

  • covering glass fiber and laminated plastic parts with electro insulating lacquer

  • sheet plactic drilling and milling on a multiple-spindle machine with numeric control of the SM-600 type


Sheet metal treatment

  • sheet cutting with guillotine-shears (maximum cut size 1250mm, sheet thickness 0,5 3 mm);

  • parts die forming (forceps or band material feeding);

  • 90 degrees sheet bending, sheet thickness 1-3mm;

  • internal drilling and milling by a template or free marking;

  • barreling of mechanically treated parts;

  • notching by a manual liquid-operated tool

  • pipe and bar cutting on a bandsaw machine;

  • drilling and milling of semi manufactured articles.

Manufacturing technique of load-bearing elements cooler for a wide range of electronic devices (weighing from several grams to 50 kgs) from aluminum shapes of home and import manufacture is well-proven in mechanical production. Treatment technique (drilling, milling) with numeric control of type -600 of glass fiber plastic and laminated insulation sheets up to 3 mm is mastered.

The enterprise is equipped with high production metal-working machinery of the leading foreign companies. For productivity increase during metal mechanical treatment a cutting tool of the BOMAR firm is used.

It provides: high-speed treatment, hard modes, high accuracy of cutting up to 5 micron, up-to-date numeric control system, automation equipment for multiple-purpose plates, turn tables, vertical and horizontal jaw-vice, and nearly 90 types of tool changing.

Label application

  • label application by screen-printing technique on flat metal and non-metallic parts, including circuit plates;

  • production of directive and name plates on metal and plastic basecoats;


Technical image reproduction

  • delineation of circuit plates photo artwork, label master copies on photofilm and glass;

  • manufacture abroad of working nets for label application by screen-printing technique.


Printed circuit assembly with DIP and SMD components

  • using wave soldering;

  • with solder paste meltback;

  • with solder paste meltback and using wave soldering;

Equipment: handling devices of LM901 type, 4-zone conveyor oven MISTRAL-360, soldering station of double wave ETS250.

Quality control of BGA components soldering is realized by optical control system MANTIC with image magnification up to 350 times. The minimum clearance between the BGA body frame and circuit plate, which provides stable system work, is five hundredth millimeter.

Manufacturing resistors for energy accounting with brazing operation.

Carcass wrapping of a wide range of coils: from small-sized for assembly on the circuit plates to reactor section manufactured from sheet copper 5x25 mm for current up to 630A.

Cabinet metal structures produced on metal sheet treatment equipment of Finn-Power type, on laser cutting and powder coating equipment are used for production of low- and high-voltage packaged devices.

The ChEAZ-ELPRY Ltd is capable of contract printed circuit assembly, execution of orders of manufacturing transformers, reactors and chokes by customers documentation, manufacturing radiators from aluminum shapes.

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